Archived Projects

Insect Lace

2006, leaves, straight pins, light

Temporary Installation at the Julia and David White Artist Colony, Costa Rica.  Around the grounds of the residency near Cuidad Colon there were trails and lush gardens to walk in. I noticed that insects were eating intricate patterns in the leaves of some of the vegetation.  I set up a simple installation using collected leaves and light on the wall of my residence and photographed it.


2004, grass, boots, performer.

Site specific temporary project executed on private property near Syracuse NY.  This piece was produced by staking out the floor plan at 50% scale, of the Duomo in Florence Italy were I had recently traveled.  The work was accomplished by walking the perimeter for 14 hours creating a trench in the wet grass field.  It is an homage to the sculpture in the Duomo collection, including some of the greatest European works of Gothic and Renaissance sculpture and at the same time acknowledges contemporary European earth/environmental artists such as Richard Long and Hamish Fulton.

Grass Sea

2003, approximately 20’x 40’, swamp grass, movement

Temporary site specific work created in a grass field by moving in circles repeatedly.  This piece was done in approximately 2 hours on a sunny day in Sherrilbrooke Park in New Hartford, NY.

Archived Objects


2006, wood, glass, twigs, India ink, 78”x21” each panel


This Moment

2004, digital photo mounted on aluminum, assembled found glass, steel and wire, 14’ x 22”



2004, welded steel, digital photos, dimensions variable